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Stock Music Sucks

TA2 Sound+Music

Stock music ruins everything. It’s cheap and convenient, so a lot of agencies use it.

The problem is, a lot of agencies use it.


We created a series of posters and radio ads that demonstrate the pain and peril

of selecting from the same terrible pool of music everyone else uses.

Radio won Gold and Silver pencils at the One Show, Gold and Silver at the ADCC,

two Gold at the Marketing Awards and was featured in Communication Arts and Applied Arts.

Print was featured in Lürzer’s Archive.

All Wheel Beer
Fibre Clean
Nature Card
TA2 SOUND+MUSIC 20x16 v1.jpg
TA2 SOUND+MUSIC 20x16 v12.jpg
TA2 SOUND+MUSIC 20x16 v13.jpg

Writer: Alex Bird
Art Director: Tim Zimmerman
Creative Director: Matt Fraracci

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