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Climate Change Crayons

Maple Leaf Foods

Being the world’s first carbon neutral food company is great. But what’s also great is when people know about it. So to bring attention to Maple Leaf’s climate change efforts, and to further demonstrate that “We’re For Real”, we created the most honest pack of crayons in the world—by simply changing the word on the side of each crayon. Instead of colours based on a happy, healthy environment, like forest green or dandelion yellow, we renamed them after real climate change events:


Ocean Green for harmful algae blooms,
Sky Orange for worsening air quality,
Forest Black for increased wildfires,
Grass Yellow for extreme droughts,
Freshwater Brown for urban flooding,
and Sand Blue for rising sea-levels.


Our crayons were made with 100% eco-friendly wax, paper and ink. We also created a family-friendly colouring book showing how climate change affects Canadians from coast to coast, while offering simple ways to help.

On Earth Day, we gave away 2050 kits—to mark the year scientists say is our deadline to save the planet.

They sold out in less than 3 hours.

2 SKY.jpg
1 OCEAN.jpg
3 FOREST.jpg
4 GRASS.jpg
6 SAND.jpg
8 PAGES.jpg
CLIOS HERO IMAGE 2400x3600.jpg

Writer: Alex Bird
Art Director: Tim Zimmerman
Creative Director: Matt Fraracci

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